1st May



Achievement and Milestones

The ABCECG’s role has never been more relevant, given the unprecedented demand for quality infrastructure needed for Ghana’s economic development. The ABCECG’s AGM is an avenue through which the organisation takes stock of its commitment towards meeting its mandate of ensuring that the construction sector has the necessary capacity to address this.

Since formation about thirty-five years ago, the scope of the Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors of Ghana’s (ABCECG) work has been expanding, notwithstanding the challenges experienced.

The ABCECG’s mandate is to offer a common and united front for persons in building and civil engineering construction to dialogue (engage) effectively with the Government of Ghana through its sector Ministry (Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing) for the development and growth of the industry and for the economic benefit of the nation.

The following are its core objectives:

  • To promote unity among members
  • To see to the interest and promote economic growth of members’ businesses
  • To offer opportunities for networking and sharing of vital industry information among members
  • To advocate for a more enabling business environment and seek the welfare and interests of its members.
  • To establish a Corporate body to compete for contracts on behalf of its members; and assist in the establishment of a Regulatory Body for the construction industry.
  • To do all other things incidental, or conducive, to the attainment of the functions of the ABCECG.


Since inception, the ABCECG has made significant progress. Given the demands the recent oil-driven economic development has placed on the construction sector to up the ante in infrastructure delivery, the past five years have been the busiest in the organisation’s existence. In this period, thus far, the following are notable milestones:

Advocacy for a Regulatory Body for the Construction Industry, with a Draft Bill submitted for processing to that effect.