1st May



Capacity Building

The limitations of local contractors are exposed through poor project delivery. Noticing that this can erode clients’ trust in local expertise the ABCECG has been running a number of skills development initiatives for contractors.

One of the most critical points in the ABCECG’s mandate is ensuring that the construction sector upholds the best possible standards of excellence at all times. So, it is gravely concerned about the persistent reports about poor project delivery, which are often exposed through cost overruns, mediocre work quality and late completion.

The greatest damage this does to the industry’s reputation is that both committed and incompetent service providers (contractors) are tarred with the same brush, and clients lose trust in the capability of local contractors.

After conducting research on the persistence of contractor incompetence, the ABCECG has identified the following as the root of the cause: Low Government participation Lack of training for Managers and Artisans from the Government Sector Low interest in capacity building among members due to low income.

To ensure that clients retain trust in the competence of the service providers, who constitute its members, the ABCECG is going all-out to improve contractor capacity. Thus, it is undertaking the following measures:

Embarking on Artisanal & Managerial Training to upgrade contractors Endeavouring to sanitise members at various workshops and seminars to build up institutional capacities

Contractor forums to discuss issues concerning the construction industry Technical Committee is stepping up over site responsibilities.

Promoting awareness through Media Stepping up the establishment of a Regulatory Body Liaising with our Sector Ministry for all Contractors to be in one body for technical corporation and professionalism. Encouraging regular Supervision of works.


With time, the ABCECG expects its interventions to enhance the capacity of local contractors and result in marked improvement in their quality of work. Though, the organisation is not under illusions that changes will happen overnight being , cognisant of the massive gaps that exist in various fields of the construction industry, it looks forward to seeing the eventual improvement in contractors’ work ethic and product output.

Currently, some projects are outsourced to foreign firms, in spite of the abundance of local expertise. Improvement in standards will strengthen the trust of developers in capacity (competence) of local contractors in handling projects with huge financial outlay.

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