About Us

Who We are

The Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors of Ghana (ABCECG) was formed about thirty-five (35) years ago, to offer a common and united front for persons in building and civil engineering construction to dialogue effectively with the Government of Ghana through our sector Ministry (Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing) for the development and growth of the industry and for the economic benefit of the nation.

It was initially formed with the following objects

  • To promote unity among members
  • To serve as a forum to deliberate on matters of concern of its members
  • To see to the interest and promote economic growth of members’ businesses
  • To monitor operations and liaise with members for quality execution of building projects in all the regions
  • To help the Government solve the acute accommodation problems facing the country
  • To advice members of their responsibility to the Nation

Our Vision

The evolution of a local indigenous construction Association which will ensure that the commanding heights of the construction industry in Ghana are in the hands of Ghanaians.

Our Mission

  • Be the leading construction Association in Ghana and given recognition as such by all stakeholders in government and the construction industry.
  • Through the organization of Workshops and Seminars, build up the human and institutional capacities of the Association.
  • Obtain construction and related contracts for its members through the establishment of a Construction firm to compete for contracts and through responsible lobbying of government.
  • Develop a code of Ethics and adherence to quality workmanship on projects as well as contract specifications. Also, to link up with building materials manufacturers and suppliers (importers) to ensure that quality products are put on the market.
  • Ensure unimpeded access to finance and required guarantees for its members engaged in execution of contracts.

Our Great Team

Harry Anim Danso

Greater Accra Chairman

William Bessa Simon

Souther Sector Organizer.

George Peter Grant

Western Regional Chairman

Samson Ayiku


Baba Ibrahim

Northern Regional Chairman

E.K Boakye

Central Regional Chairman